Bucket List…F**k it list (29 seconds)

You can just do things of course.

It seems that everyone has a bucket list.

I am going to swim with sharks

I am going to jump from a plane

I will visit Australia

Why not stop this and make a f**k it list?

Step 1 – Say f**k it and just do something. Don’t wait or delay. Yes that will start the process off.

Step 2 – Repeat step 1

You don’t have to wait, travel, plan it all, just say f**k it and do it, it’s powerful stuff.

The other up-side is that you become more assertive that aint no bad thing.



Join a library

If you eat the same food or read the same books your self development moves in one direction. Expand in all directions…mentally that is.

No really, that’s it.

No lists, no goals, no hard sell.

It really is that simple. You can join a library for my favourite price -free plus you get to borrow books on things you fancy learning about or people you may never have read before.

The amount of new books is also bewildering, it really is mind expanding.

Don’t you know about Google?

I do indeed know about Google, but why would I restrict my knowledge diet to one source? I certainly don’t eat only one food so why would I treat my mind differently?       I want to expand my mind in all directions.

It is time for you to expand in more than one direction.


Choices (46 seconds)

The choices you can make.

Life is complicated, busy, frustrating…fill in any word you fancy here. Hold on, if I can make a few choices of how it is then maybe I have the choice of a few words instead of being told?

Why not?

We are told incessantly about how our lives are but having a quick re-think the other day my thoughts were- are these my choices or has someone else picked them for me? So I decided to pick my own – simple, uncluttered and fun what do you know I am starting to change my mind towards these instead. How easy was that?

I have no doubt that I will have patches of busy, a smidge of no fun and even a wedge of frustration but at least I know that I can make a choice.

Setting up to fail (57.25 second read)

When we are told to blend this juice then add the current en-vogue seed we’ll suddenly achieve the goal that we desire. Let’s have a re-think.

We do exactly the same with our sport. Let’s join a gym then buy stuff to go in and put it a bag to go after work…then not go.

Making things easier on yourself

Fruit comes ready for us to eat, there we go, you can just eat it no juicer or added chopping and slicing required. Bananas are even more helpful as they come with a skin to protect them too, thanks bananas.

If we need to take 20 mins getting prepared to go the gym, guess what, we don’t go as much. If it takes you 3 minutes to put your gear on in the house, guess what happens?…You do a bit of sport.

Do the small stuff

If you do small things like eating a banana, not juicing a fruit shop and you trim down all your nonsense that prevents you working out like a bag full of protein bars, 2 pairs of shorts and 4 t-shirts amazingly you work out. Incredible.

Subtract, don’t add your way to your success.


Relaxing Image

Brush your teeth and change your day

Be confident, brush your teeth

So here’s a simple thought. We all brush our teeth in the morning (evening too) but try this bad boy out to give your physiology a bit of a jolt.

When you brush your teeth brush them stood up straight, ears above your shoulders, legs shoulder widith apart. This positive stance tells your brain that you are confident and, as your body is telling your brain this, your brain thinks; hey I’m confident today.

Boom…..You 1 world 0.

Go get ’em sunbeam.

The Alta Male

Using new ways to measure your success.

This blog is from a man who is underwhelmed with ‘goals’ that are pushed towards me rather than goals that I want for me. The measures of success are, at times, forced upon us when all we really need to do is simplify and improve ourselves without looking at what others are doing and comparing.

If you fancy a bit of a quick read and want to apply (no push from me) a few ideas that might work for you or you want to share what might work for others then this is the place.


This blog is not just for men, it is for all. It is written by a 40+ year old man who has improved his mental and physical fitness over time and can share ideas and thoughts that might help you too.

A Simple Start

Want to try something that will help? It isn’t a command or demand, just an idea that is simple and yet brilliant at the same time.

Go for a walk around the block where you live. Yep that’s it, nothing else. You want to walk it backwards, do it. You want to count the number of cars, trees or open doors do it, nobody is looking, honest.

Want to really touch the borders of crazy? Pick up 7 bits of litter that you find and put it in a bin. That’s it……if you really want to you can do it more than once. It might even make you feel a bit more connected too, who knows?

The only person stopping you is… well… erm you.